Building bridges: Between informal online activists and civil society organisations (webinar)

On Wednesday 20 July, 2011, CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, hosted a webinar, geared towards developing policy recommendations for civil society organisations (CSOs), public and private sector donors and governments to enable them to bridge the gap between traditional CSOs and online activists. This is sequel to a discussion note produced by CIVICUS intended to spur debate on the role of information communication technology as (a) a tool for mass mobilisation for offline activism (b) a vehicle for new forms of online activism (c) the creator and driver of online civic space (d) a platform for knowledge-sharing and collective learning and (e) a source of new models of governance. The webinar session was moderated by CIVICUS Secretary General Ingrid Srinath, and presentations focused on a diverse range of topical issues including: ‘A radical exercise in democracy: Lessons from Iceland’s crowd-sourced constitution and its implication for better governance’ – Representative Icelandic Constitutional Council ‘The shifting technological parameters of journalism and its role in revolution in the Middle East’ Mohammed Ziyaad Hassen, Senior Planner Social Media, Al Jazeera, Qatar ‘Towards sustainable change: Moving from online activism to offline action’ Amanda Atwood, Information and Communication Officer, Kubatana, Zimbabwe We hope you enjoy it.

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