Reflections on the state of civil society in Bahrain – UNHRC 24th Session

by Joshua Chivanga, Intern, CIVICUS Geneva Office

Growing up in Zimbabwe I always had a dream. I envisaged sitting on the board of directors of a multilateral organisation, I dreamt of making it to the upper echelons of the United Nations; oh yes that was the nature of my dreams. I always dreamt BIG. I pictured my name enshrined in the hall of fame with clusters of people literally stampeding just to catch a glimpse of me.

Such was the power of my imagination at a tender age. Since then, days have slowly turned into weeks, weeks into months and the months into years and today I am a young man still chasing those dreams, albeit with some degree of success.

Today I am privileged to attend the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) 24th Session, not as President of the Council but as a young determined activist under the CIVICUS UN Learning Exchange Programme. Continue reading

Development effectiveness and civil society: In search of an enabling environment

From Paris through Accra to Busan: civil society’s role in the aid effectiveness debate … également disponible en français

(Credit: (Wikimedia/Justin Ling))

(Credit: (Wikimedia/Justin Ling))

In November 2011, three thousand delegates representing over 150 governments, major international organisations and key civil society groups gathered in Busan, South Korea for the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. Their aim was to review progress on development cooperation strategies and agree on a common agenda to maximise the effectiveness of aid and development.  The Busan conference was preceded by similar high level forums on aid effectiveness in Accra (2008), Paris (2005) and Rome (2003).

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