Don’t forget Uzbekistan

By Will Lasky, Eurasia Project Coordinator, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Every week, we receive graphic accounts of torture and arbitrary detention in Uzbekistan. These are usually associated in some way with the chaotic Andijan events of 2005 when government troops opened fire on those protesting the prosecution of 23 local businessmen on extremist charges. The only consistent fact about this event which has been put forward in narratives ranging from that of a prison break, a hostage taking crises, a peaceful protest, are the deaths of hundreds. Continue reading

Voices of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan civil society heard at the UN

Limited information and awareness of the notorious violations of human rights in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan reaches the international community. To combat this, CIVICUS recently helped to support local civil society representatives to visit the UN in Geneva and get their voices heard.

Both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are notorious violators of human rights — in particular, the rights of citizens to freely represent their views, the rights of religious people to conduct religious instruction and to bear religious materials, and the rights of reporters to go about their jobs. The result of speaking out against the regimes of both countries is often long prison sentences in which torture is a daily reality. Continue reading